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Finding Your First Job

Finding Your First Job

Finding Your First Job
Here are additional resources other than the traditional classified section in the newspaper that will help you find a job after graduation.

Kent State University Alumni Association Career Networking Events and Mentors
Professional events
Each year the alumni association hosts career events for students and alumni. The networking nights feature professionals in several fields who provide career assistance to those new in the field, as well as individuals looking to expand their network.
Career mentors
Alumni volunteers serve as career networking partners for students and graduates who want to learn more about their field. 

KSU Career Services Center
Visit the career services website to find tips that will help with your job search. Also, find out about career fairs and events, job search and networking tips and much more.

This is more than a social networking site. Some students use the
power of Facebook to help make employers want them.


Find past and present colleagues and classmates quickly.  LinkedIn makes staying in touch simple.
Power your career
Discover inside connections when you're looking for a job or new business opportunity.
Get Answers
Your network is full of industry experts willing to share advice.  Have a question? Join LinkedIn




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