Student Alumni Association

Student Alumni Association
Purpose of the Student Alumni Association
Thank you for your interest in the Student Alumni Association. The mission of the program is simple: to reconnect alumni with Kent State University.

• Contacting and meeting with alumni in Northeast Ohio and your hometown for one hour to learn about their experiences as students and as alumni. These meetings will take place during the academic year, including holiday breaks. Note, we do NOT ask alumni for money.
• Provide resources regarding volunteer/event opportunities related to the alumni association and university.
• After interviews are complete, report your findings online.
• Serve as a university liaison.
• Assist with advancing the university

S-AA Requirements

Our selection process is competitive and is based on the interest and enthusiasm exhibited for Kent State University and the Student Alumni Association. This is a compensated job opportunity. Students will be paid $50 per completed in person interview, plus hour compensation. Average is two (2) hours per week of hourly pay. Hourly pay is $8.10 per hour.

Student Alumni Association Eligibility Requirements Highlights
• Full-time and part-time students; need to be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours.

• Minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative and semester)

• Graduate no earlier than the end of semester

• Ability and willingness to travel to interviews; frequently need to travel an hour or more from campus to meet with alumni for in person interviews

• Time availability

• Knowledge of Kent State University

• Demonstrated leadership qualities: responsible, disciplines, independent, personable and organized

Application Information

Applications to apply to join for Spring Semester 2015 are available until March 6, 2015. Applications to apply to join for 2015-2016 academic year will become available in September 2015.

Spring Semester 2015 Application; DUE Friday March 6, 2015 (application PDF; application Word)

What Students are Saying About the S-AA
“Working as a university liaison through the S-AA has provided me the skills and experience to become a more versatile professional. The flexible hours have afforded me the opportunity to develop today’s necessary career skills while also pursuing an intense degree. I could not have been granted a better job opportunity while studying at Kent State!”
– Michelle, ‘15

“The Student Alumni Association has been a special and unique experience for me because it allows students to really get to know Kent State University alumni on a personal level. Several alumni have told me that our efforts at S-AA make them feel like they are still important to Kent State which is, in my opinion, insurmountable in terms of making a difference. Due to my involvement with S-AA, I feel as though my interviewing skills are better than ever and I am far more confident when it comes to communicating with others both socially and professionally.”
- Mallory,  ‘15

“Holding this particular position gives you contact with so many people that a student would never normally get to work with.”
- Jesse Markowitz, '14

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