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Student Alumni Association

Student Alumni Association
Purpose of the Student Alumni Association
Thank you for your interest in the Student Alumni Association. The mission is to reconnect alumni with Kent State University.

Please note, we do not ask alumni for money. We are gathering information. As an SAA liaison you will fulfill the following responsibilities:

• Represent the alumni association and Kent State University in a professional manner in all interaction including phone, in person, etc.
• Participate in designated trainings and meetings with other SAA's
• Manage list of alumni to contact via phone and set up an in-person interview.
• Meet with alumni for interviews to learn about their experiences as students and as alumni. These meetings will take place on campus or at a mutually agreed upon public location during the academic year, including holiday breaks; and summer, contingent upon availability of funds. During interview, you may be called upon to share published resources related to the Alumni Association and university, e.g. brochures, postcards, fliers.  Any alumni concerns/feedback, questions, referrals are given directly to supervisor, or designee for follow up by professional staff.
• Complete interview reports for publication.  You are expected to conduct an average of two interviews a month.  
•Perform additional duties as assigned.

This is a compensated job opportunity
• SAA’s will be paid $50 each completed interview.
• SAA’s are not reimbursed for travel-related expenses, e.g. meals, mileage, etc.
• SAA’s are paid the Ohio minimum wage hourly rate (currently, $8.10) for contacting alumni. Average two (2) hours a week of hourly pay.

S-AA Requirements
Our selection process is competitive and is based on the interest and enthusiasm exhibited for Kent State University and the Student Alumni Association.

If you are looking to build your resume, interact with meet alumni and meet the eligibility requirements, consider applying!
Eligibility requirements:
• Full-time and part-time students; need to be enrolled in a minimum 6 credit hours,
• Minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative and semester),
• Graduate no earlier than May 2017,
• Ability and willingness to travel to interviews; may need to travel an hour or more from campus to meet with alumni for interviews,
• General knowledge of Kent State University current events,
• Demonstrated leadership qualities, such as: responsible, disciplined, independent, personable, persuasive and organized.

Application Information

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What Students are Saying About the SAA

“The Kent State Student Alumni Association has allowed me to practice interpersonal communication skills, connect with new and wise professionals, and get an inside scoop on what life after college is really like. Having nostalgic conversations about the unique experience each of the alumni had at KSU is extremely interesting and has taught me more than I could have hoped. I feel as though I am positively building my resume, as well as myself as an individual.  The flexible hours and friendly staff have made my work experience one of the best I could ask for!” – Jacqueline, ‘18

“Above all, working for the Kent State Student Alumni Association has made me proud to be a Golden Flash. Through these interviews, I have realized there is no one standard "college experience," but everyone is here for the same reason: to gain an education. I love learning about the opportunities alumni have pursued to learn and grow through Kent State courses and extracurricular activities and how people have used their education in their career.” – Kathy, ‘17

“I love being a Kent State University Student Alumni Association liaison! I make my own hours, meet people and make money! Along with an hourly wage every interview is an extra $50 in our pocket and additional bonuses along the way. Everybody has a story! As a SAA liaison we're making professional contacts and hearing about Kent State through other's experiences; it is super interesting.  Join us!” – Laura, ‘17

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