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Survey Says! Results from the Alumni Attitude Study

Survey Says! Results from the Alumni Attitude Study
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Survey Says! Results from the Alumni Attitude Study

Alumni from all ages and majors from around the globe are proud to be affiliated with Kent State, eager to tell the world about their alma mater and hungry for information about today's people, programs and progress, according to a recent, independent study of Kent State graduates.

The survey, conducted via email last October, was commissioned by the Kent State Alumni Association to ensure that alumni perspectives and experiences guide the development of its strategic plan and actions for the future.

"We want to provide the strongest-possible support to alumni at all points in their lives after graduation," said Alumni Association Assistant Vice President Lori Randorf. "The survey results will help us improve the ways we connect and communicate with alumni, and affirm the growing value of their degrees."

Key survey findings:

*  Alumni opinions about the university are most influenced by respect for their degrees; student and faculty accomplishments; and provision of scholarships. Kent State needs to continue to provide opportunities for alumni to engage in these activities.

*  Kent State alumni believe their most important roles are identifying job opportunities for graduates; promoting the university; and mentoring students.

*  Alumni think the association and university do a good job of keeping in touch through vehicles from social media to the university magazine.  They want to see an even greater spotlight on faculty, student and alumni achievements, and on the impact of their support of the university.

*  Alumni view their college years positively; believe Kent State graduates are well-equipped for successful careers; think the faculty is excellent; and agree that the university is moving forward with a clear vision.

Thank you to participating alumni for providing valuable feedback to the alumni association. As the survey findings reveal, alumni continue to want a successful and vibrant future for Kent State.


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